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  • Brandi Almario

National Child Health Day

We know that eating healthy can lead to good health so here are a few ways to help your children eat better throughout the day.

  1. Make a breakfast dish that your family can eat for the whole week such as quiche, oatmeal or sheet pan pancakes

  2. Lunches, ugh lunches. Here are a few examples of my kids lunches on a good day. Hopefully, they will inspire you. Remember to add in a fruit or vegetable or both

  3. Do your kids need an afterschool snack? I make a plate of snacks that really are an extension of dinner. This way they will eat an extra fruit or vegetable. I also include treats such as chocolate covered raisins or almonds.

  4. Eating is child lead but with parental control. In other words, parents can offer their children choices, but the parents are in control of the options.

I have to give my child credit, she made this lunch herself (age 13): salad, salad dressing, brownie, grapes, almonds, and green pea snack crisps.

This child (age 15) is more selective and does not make his own lunch: peanut butter sandwich, apples, cucumbers, grapes, carrot chips, caramel popcorn and brownie.

After school snack: carrot sticks, chocolate covered almonds, raisins, peanuts, and yogurt covered raisins, peppers and cucumbers.

I mix up the after school snacks. It depends what is in season, what I have on hand, and what we are having for dinner.

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