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The Power of Prevention

At A Stronger Tomorrow, I work with patients who wish to prevent diseases, alleviate symptoms, and stay healthy.

Prevention is key. Mindful eating and quality nutrition can help lower your risk for many chronic conditions and diseases, including heart disease, stroke, some cancers, diabetes, and osteoporosis. A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, for example, found that participants who made lifestyle changes in diet and exercise reduced their risk of a diabetes diagnosis by 58 percent.

My philosophy is built on these principles:

·     It is easier to prevent a disease than to live with a disease. 

·     It takes less time to prevent a disease than to manage a disease.

·     It is less expensive to prevent a disease by eating healthy and leading an active lifestyle than to pay for the medications, doctor appointments, and hospital stays that chronic conditions require.

Good nutrition means prevention. And prevention is empowerment for your healthy future.

Who can benefit from A Stronger Tomorrow’s services?

  • Individuals who want to lose weight, sleep better, and increase productivity

  • Adults who want to prevent the chronic conditions in their family histories

  • Families who want to kickstart better daily eating habits

  • Caregivers who want to prioritize their health

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