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Meal Planning

Are you experiencing decision fatigue on what to cook this week? Are you tired of the same old meals? Does it seem too hard and not enough time to meal plan? Do you not know where to start?

Meal Planning

This can be where your journey to a healthier, happier you begins! Our personalized meals plans, powered by the innovative EatLove software, are designed to transform your week and help you achieve your wellness goals. 
My Approach

At A Stronger Tomorrow, I believe in the power of personalized nutrition.  As a dietitian, I will put in the background information to ensure that the meal plans will align with your needs, preferences and health goals.
  • Customization - Tailor your meal plans based on dietary preferences, restrictions, and health goals. Meal planas are nutritionally balanced and add variety.
  • Conveniece - Meal plans are accessible through an app on your phone or your computer.  The user friendly tools help with grocery shopping and preparation guidance.
  • Nutrition Tracking - Stay on top of your nutritional intake with tracking
  • Optimized nutrition - achieve a balanced and nourishing diet
  • Saves time and money - meal planning and meal prepping saves time and has less food waste
  • Reduces stress - avoid last minute decisions that take you off your path
  • "Meal Planning promotes healthy eating by increasing fruit and vegetable consumption by 38 and 28% respectively and therefore increases the health of the individuals" - American Journal of Preventive Medicine. 


1 month

1 month of meal planning

  • 1 initial session - 45 minutes

  • 4 weeks of meal planning

  • 1 follow up session - 30 minutes

  • $198

3 months

3 months of meal planning

  • 1 initial session - 45 minutes

  • 12 weeks of meal planning

  • 3 follow up sessions - 45 minutes 

  • $418

3 months plus

3 months of meal planning

  • 1 initial session - 45 minutes

  • 12 weeks of meal planning

  • 5 follow up sessions - 45 minutes

  • food log analysis

  • $738

Note - Prices may differ if your insurance company covers medical nutrition therapy

"Our results highlight that individuals planning their meals were more likely to have better dietary quality, including a higher adhearence with nutritional guidelines as well as an increassed food vareity. Additionally, meal planning was associated with lower odds of being obese in men and women and overweight in women only." 
Int J Behav Nutr Phys
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